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the perks of being sally-anne?

(...i've heard worse. trust me.)

Sally-Anne Perks
24 March 1980
absolute loyalty, agatha christie, any and all horses, arsenal forever!, attention (the good sort), aurors, bagpipe players, bass guitar, being dr. watson, catapults for the cup, clever mysteries, climbing trees, competitive storytelling, curiosity is healthy, fall, football, george harrison, gideon crumb, granians especially, hufflepuff, hypocritical pretense, impressive charms, impromptu trick-or-treating, knowing what most don't, laughing at beatniks, madam tussaud's, mod scene, naps on the eye, non-boring theatre, piccadilly circus, pumpkin scones, quidditch, skiving chores, solitary investigating, stockboys with blue hair, stooge the iguana, susan's endless patience, the beatles, the colour green, the turtles, the weird sisters, the white lethifolds, the yardbirds, trips to baker street, true bohemia, walks at two a.m., wireless serials