Sally-Anne Perks (citizenperks) wrote,
Sally-Anne Perks


First there's entries complaining about all this, and then there were entries complaining about the COMPLAINING.

Irony. Far out.

Well. I suppose it's up to me to start an interesting conversation so we can all get SOME entertainment out of these. I really wish there was some equivalent of headphones in wizarding technology so I'd be able to hear some good records on long, boring trips such as these. Better than the monotonous sounds of first-years running around like hippogriffs missing their heads, braggarts going off over who had the best summer hols, and the snack trolley rattling back and forth. I could be listening to the Beatles right now - or Janis Joplin, or Bob Dylan, or - damn it, even fast-paced lift music might be better than this.
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